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About Emmaus

The walk to Emmaus is an experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation that begins with...



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What Happens at Emmaus?

The "Walk to Emmaus" is a 72-hour experience. The weekend begins on Thursday evening and ends Sunday evening. At Emmaus, you will spend three busy but very enjoyable days. In Cincinnati, the weekends are held at the Erie Building / Retreat Center of Hyde Park Methodist Church. You will live and study together in singing, prayer, worship and discussion. Discussions center around fifteen talks given by laity and clergy. These talks present the theme of God's grace, and how that grace comes alive in the Christian community and expresses itself in the world. You'll discover how God's grace is real in your life and how you can live in a life full of His grace.

How to Attend?

To attend an Emmaus walk, you must have a sponsor - someone who has previously attended the weekend and is willing to support you in love, prayer and service. If you know someone who has attended the walk, please feel free to talk to him/her. If you are interested but do not know anyone who could serve as your sponsor, please email any of the Emmaus board members and we will help identify a sponsor. The listing of the Emmaus Board and email information is available on this site.


September 3rd - September 3rd 2015
Emmaus & Chrysalis Community - Monthly Gathering - September 2015

September 17th - September 20th 2015
Men's Walk #97 - 2015 September

September 21st - September 21st 2015
Board Meeting - September 2015

October 1st - October 1st 2015
Emmaus & Chrysalis Community - Monthly Gathering - October 2015

October 15th - October 18th 2015
Women's Walk #115 - 2015 October

October 19th - October 19th 2015
Board Meeting - October 2015

November 5th - November 5th 2015
Emmaus & Chrysalis Community - Monthly Gathering - November 2015

November 16th - November 16th 2015
Board Meeting - November 2015

December 3rd - 3rd 2015
Emmaus & Chrysalis Community - Monthly Gathering - December 2015

December 21st - 21st 2015
Board Meeting - December 2015