Emmaus Board

*Spiritual Director: David Wells   parson1@aol.com
Provides spiritual leadership and guidance for the community, helping lead gatherings, identifying and inviting clergy to participate on Emmaus weekends.

Assistant Spiritual Director: Vacant vacant
Provides spiritual leadership and guidance for the community, helping lead gatherings, identifying and inviting clergy to participate on Emmaus weekends.

*Community Lay Director: Jane Glandorf jane.emmaus@gmail.com
Chair for the Board and Leads the Emmaus community.

*Lay Director Emeritus: Brian Pickens    pickens.bc@gmail.com
Previous year’s Community Lay Director, provides support for board and current Lay Director.

*Assistant Community Lay Director: TJ Spencer  tj.spencer5788@gmail.com
Chairs the leadership committee and is next in line to serve as Community Lay Director.

*Team Selection:
Lucy Trumbull lucytrumbull@fuse.net
Al Wright golfbigal7@fuse.net
Recommends community members to serve  on teams for walks/flights/encounters..

*Agape Co-chair:
Amy O’Brien   aobrien1030@gmail.com & Allison Holliday  2525allio@gmail.com
Requests and collects agape letters from other communities to be presented to the pilgrims during a weekend. Also fulfills requests from other communities for agape letters from the Cincinnati community. Also ensures for adequate table and bedtime agape on each weekend.

*Chrysalis Community Chair: (Vacant)
Acts as liaison between the Emmaus and Chrysalis.

*Face to Face Community Chair: Julie Merritt  juleslm22@gmail.com
Acts as liaison between the Emmaus and Face to Face.

Face to Face Spiritual Director: Linda St. Meyer   lstmyers@cinci.rr.com

Chrysalis Liaison:
Neil Hollingworth  neil@hbbpro.com
Lynn Derflinger  lynnderflinger@gmail.com
Acts as liaison between the Emmaus and Chrysalis.

Education / Sponsor Training: Debbie Nickell   dnickell56@gmail.com

Community Trainer: Les Sper les.e.sper@gmail.com

*Good Shepherd:
Sandi Fenstermacher  sfenstermacher@fuse.net & Annise Anderson ann3cs@aol.com
Helps new pilgrims or other Emmaus members find a share group.

Communications – Website: John Clark  website@cincinnatiemmaus.org
Manages and maintains historical archives of past walks as well as the website calendar and maintaining the Emmaus website content.

Communications – Social Media: Brian Pickens  pickens.bc@gmail.com
Manages the Facebook account for Emmaus and Chrysalis communities.

*Logistics: Kathleen Bauer  kathleenkbauer@gmail.com
Helps manage logistical issues related to Emmaus weekends, often working directly with Church staff and also the Logistics members on each Emmaus team.

Communications – Newsletter: Jay George   Jgeorge559@gmail.com
Handles incoming email requests and distributes to the appropriate resource. Prepares, edits, produces and distributes the Emmaus newsletter which is published the month of each walk (4-6 times/year).  Newsletters are published in an electronic format and posted at http://cincinnatiemmaus.org/newsletter with the exception of the last newsletter of the year.  That newsletter is also printed and mailed out to all of our members.

*Communications – Outreach: Jay George   Jgeorge559@gmail.com
Handles outgoing emails to the community.  Liaisons with churches and communities outside of Emmaus to develop more interest in Emmaus or to provide service to the community at large.  Also maintains the current membership database and contact information.

Worship Coordinator: Vacant
Handles coordinating musicians for Walks, Flights, Encounters and other events as appropriate.

*Registrar – : register@cincinnatiemmaus.org

Emmaus Walk Registrar or Face To Face Encounter
c/o St. Paul Community UMC
8221 Miami Ave.
Madeira, Ohio 45243

Handles all elements of inviting and registering pilgrims for each walk, and liaisons with all sponsors of pilgrims to ensure sponsor roles are understood and completed.

*Secretary: Jonathan Ireton  codytireton@hotmail.com
Keeps minutes of all Board discussions, as well as leads special projects for the community.

*Social (Kitchen): 
Chris Swofford  armdctzn@protonmail.com
Ginifer Swofford   Ginswoff@gmail.com
John Clark   axelcore@protonmail.com
Works closely with the kitchen staff to ensure all food is available for the Walks.

*Treasurer: Kay Spencer   clerk490@yahoo.com